Kids Calligraphy Parties

Elevate your child's special day with our in-person modern calligraphy workshops for kids parties, where fun and creativity combine for a unique birthday celebration, as they learn the timeless skill of calligraphy lettering! Let the ink flow and imaginations soar.

  • Workshop Schedule:

    Over the 2.5 hour session, we will cover the basics of how to hold the pen and use the nib to create the thick and thin strokes, before going on to learn the lowercase letterforms, joining letters to make words, simple flourishing and will finish with unique handwritten birthday cards to present to the birthday girl.

  • Pricing:

    Pointed pen - £40 per child plus £5 for basic calligraphy kit to keep (pen, nib, black ink and worksheets), £10 for advanced calligraphy kit to keep (white box with ribbon and handwritten name, with pen, nib, black ink, coloured ink and worksheets).

    Brush pen lettering - £35 per person with brush pen to keep.

    Minimum of 4 attendees per session.

  • In-person modern calligraphy workshops for girls, where fun and creativity combine for a unique birthday celebration, as they learn the timeless skill of calligraphy lettering! Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire and London.


    These parties can take place anywhere that has a private space with a suitable table & chairs and good lighting. Typically, the parties are hosted at the family home but can also be at hired venues.

    I am based in Hook, Hampshire RG27 but I am happy to travel to most areas - Hampshire, Surrey, London and beyond.

Further info:

What's pointed pen?

Pointed pen is dip pen & ink. So I will provide each student with a dip pen holder with nib which is then dipped into ink. The nib tines open and close to create the think downstrokes and thin upstrokes. The ink is water-based so it comes out easily but I'd recommend not wearing anything precious, and covering the table with a table cloth.

What's brush pen lettering?

I will supply each student with a soft tip brush pen by Tombow. The pen can create the thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes when manipulating correctly. Brush pen lettering is a more casual style of calligraphy.

What's the pace of the workshop?

I usually go at the pace of the birthday girl, and encourage everyone to do the same thing at the same time. I demo a lot throughout, but it's a casual session where chit-chat is allowed.

What else do you bring along?

I will chat to the organiser prior to the workshop taking place to ask about a colour theme for the session. I will then choose table decor, ink colour, ribbon colour, greeting card colour etc. to suit. I also bring with me a large white board in order to demo letterforms and flourishes etc. throughout.