Live On-Site Calligraphy & Engraving

Live on-site calligraphy and engraving is the perfect addition to your event, whether it's a grand opening for your store, brand activation, brand anniversary, or the run up to Christmas, Valentines and Mother's day - your customers will love this handwritten touch.


Enquire below to have me come along to your event to offer live calligraphy or engraving as a service to your customers to make your event even more special and memorable!


I am based in North Hampshire UK and can travel to most areas - Hampshire, Surrey, London and beyond.

Please get in contact for a quote!

  • Jodie Rose Calligraphy Experienced Modern Calligrapher and Engraver based in North Hampshire, UK

    How to book me:

    Get in touch with full details of your event including - location, date and time, calligraphy and/or engraving service requirement, item to be written on and how many items approx.

  • What can be engraved?

    Many items can be engraved:

    - Wine bottles and glasses
    - Perfume bottles
    - Candles
    - Thermal flasks

    Please note - champagne bottles cannot be engraved due to a high risk of explosion.

  • Learn Calligraphy for Christmas cards and gifts tags in Hampshire Surrey Berkshire London Jodie Rose Calligraphy

    What I need on the day:

    I require a flat, sturdy table and comfortable chair and good lighting.

    I will bring calligraphy/engraving items I need with me.

  • Engraving process:

    I begin with a draft of the lettering using a non-permanent pen, before using a battery powered, portable engraving machine with small diamond burr to engrave the lettering before dusting off and filling in with wax pigment, usually gold or silver.

  • Calligraphy process:

    Dip pen (with nib and ink) would be used for smaller paper and card items such as name tags - this option takes time to dry.

    Brush pen would be used for smaller or bigger and takes less time to dry.

    Quick dry marker pen would be used for larger writing on e.g outer packaging.

    All options have great colour ranges.

  • Pricing:

    Live on-site calligraphy £80p/h, minimum 4 hours.

    Live on-site engraving £85p/h, minimum 4 hours.

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If you expect the event to be very popular, I can add another calligrapher/engraver to help with workload. Please note, other calligraphers will have a variation in style to mine.