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Private session - 2 hours with calligraphy kit

Private session - 2 hours with calligraphy kit

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This listing is for a 1:1 session with me. Please contact me before purchase to agree a date, time and location - I am based in North Hampshire.


Gift Inspiration: Surprise your creative loved one with a thoughtful and unique artistic experience. Once purchased, I will send an e-gift voucher to you to send on. Prefer a printed gift voucher instead? Drop me an email to arrange.


The calligraphy kit includes pen holder, nib, black ink and all the worksheets we will go through throughout the session - All boxed up with a bow!


Why Choose a Private Session?:

  • Pick a date and time that aligns with your schedule. Availability weekdays and weekends, morning, noon and evening.
  • Learn at a speed that suits you best – no rush, no pressure.
  • Session is customised to your preferences.


Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, our session is crafted to meet your unique needs and aspirations.


Please let me know before hand if there's anything specific you'd like to learn or anything you feel you need extra help with.


Uncover the artist within, one stroke at a time. Book your private session with me and let your creativity flow like never before!

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