Team Building Activity Ideas - Calligraphy Workshop

Team Building Activity Ideas - Calligraphy Workshop

Have you been searching for a unique and creative team building activity that will bring your team closer together? Look no further than a modern calligraphy workshop with Jodie Rose Calligraphy!


Here are some reasons why a calligraphy workshop is a great idea for your next team building event:


1. Creativity and Collaboration

Calligraphy is not only a beautiful art form, but it also requires focus, attention to detail, and creativity. By participating in a calligraphy workshop, your team will have the opportunity to work together, collaborate, and create something beautiful as a group.


2. Stress Relief

Engaging in a hands-on activity like calligraphy can be a great way to relieve stress and unwind. Your team members will have the chance to relax, get creative, and take a break from their usual work routine.


3. Personal Growth

Learning a new skill like calligraphy can be a rewarding experience for team members. It can boost confidence, encourage personal growth, and provide a sense of accomplishment. Your team will leave the workshop feeling inspired and motivated.


4. Memorable Experience

It's a fun and creative way to bond with colleagues, try something new, and create lasting memories together.


So, if you're looking for a fun, creative, and engaging team building activity, consider Jodie Rose Calligraphy hosting a calligraphy workshop for your team. They will thank you for the opportunity to learn, create, and bond in a unique and inspiring setting.


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 Photo by Annabel Crich Photography - Jodie Rose Calligraphy workshop at Cuppies n Cream Hampshire


Jodie is based in North Hampshire, close to the Surrey and Berkshire boarders, and happy to travel further afield, including London.


No previous experience of lettering or art is required to take part in the workshop. Brush pen lettering and pointed pen (dip pen and ink) calligraphy workshops are available, with or without the kit to keep per person.

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