Improve your handwriting skills and learn modern calligraphy

Improve your handwriting skills and learn modern calligraphy

Have you always wanted to have nicer handwriting?


Learning Modern Calligraphy is the easiest way to upgrade your handwriting and is a fabulous way to pass time and take your mind away from the stresses of day to day life!


At the start of every modern calligraphy workshops that I teach, more often than not, at least one person will say "Oh my handwriting is absolutely awful, so I may not be too good at this!". And my response every time is to 'show off' my day to day handwriting - which is terrible by the way. See below... 

How to make your handwriting nicer and prettier

I've specially created these downloadable sheets with modern calligraphy uppercase and lowercase letters for you to practice which is a great starting place if you are not able to make one of my workshops. After some practice, your handwriting will begin to look like this:

How to make your handwriting prettier with modern calligraphy

"Do I need all the kit?" I hear you ask... 

It truly depends on how serious you want to get about learning modern calligraphy. If it's to learn purely to improve your handwriting, then using a simple biro pen is perfectly fine. But if you'd like to pick up the skill of modern calligraphy to create stationery for your upcoming wedding, then I would suggest diving into the world of dip pen and ink or brush pens from the get-go.


Using specific calligraphy tools will allow you to create the thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes which are the characteristics of modern calligraphy.


Top tips:

- Write slowly and take your time

- Think about which letter is coming next

- Experiment with styles to find your favourite

- Have fun!


If you live locally to Hampshire or Surrey, why not join one of my face-to-face group workshops or have a one-to-one session with me to ask as many questions as you like!

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