Sunbury Gallery Calligraphy Workshops

Join me for a few hours of mindfulness modern calligraphy at The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery


Date: Saturday 30th September
Time: 6:30pm to 9pm
Price: £60
Theme: Christmas greetings

On arrival, you will be given your calligraphy kit, including dip pen holder, nib, ink and worksheets, to use throughout the session (this is all yours to take home!). There will be plenty of one-to-one time during the workshop, so each student has enough time & attention to help develop their own style at their own pace. You will learn the basic strokes, practice writing the alphabet, learn how to join the letters up to make words and learn how to add in simple flourishes. You will also be shown techniques to help you find your own style. 


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Tickets must be purchased via The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery Workshop by calling 01932788101 or emailing

Details for each workshop can be found on the specific workshop listing.